Book Review: PoC||GTFO

Yes, I’m back to blogging and doing a book review. I guess better late than never 🙂

This time I’m reviewing the holy hacker book: International Journal of Proof-of-Concept or Get The Fuck Out (PoC||GTFO, ISBN-13: 978-1-59327-880-9). The book sums the best articles from hacker magazine PoC||GTFO, so you can read the journal for free. But I still recommend that you buy a copy of the holy book. The publisher, No Starch Press, even allows you to copy articles from the book to distribute digitally.


Let me get to the point: if you are into exploit development, reversing engineering, radio hacking, software backdoor or hardware hacking, this is your book. Honestly any InfoSec Pro should read it.

The book with a look&feel of the Bible is divided into 8 chapters, and each chapter has several high technical verses on different topics. Depending on your interest you will prefer some verses versus others, as I do, but I recommend reading the entire book, all 772 pages.

My preferred verses are related to polyglot files, OS exploitation, radio hacking, software backdoors and Linux tricks.

Some of my tops verses:

  • 1:4 Making a Multi-Windows PE
  • 1:5 This ZIP is also a PDF
  • 2:8 This OS is also a PDF
  • 3:10 Tales of Python’s Encoding
  • 4:3 This OS is a Boot Sector
  • 5:5 A Flash PDF Polyglot
  • 8:3 Compiler Bug Backdoors
  • 8:7 Stegosploit
  • 8:11 Naughty Signals
  • So go ahead, get yourself a copy now, read it and spread the word of the Lord 😉

    Kudos to the authors of Poc||GTFO, editors and all those involved with the magazine and book. Keep the words coming, neighbor!

    What are your preferred verses of the Holy Book?

    Score (1 rose, very bad / 5 roses, very good): 5 Roses (Must read)

    — Simon Roses Femerling / @simonroses

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